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In most investor’s journeys there comes a time when a friend or family member could potentially become a tenant. The question, of course, is should they? There are benefits to having someone you know and trust living in one of your properties, but the line between a personal relationship and a commercial one can be
House Rent
Rental growth has been flat around Australia according to Domain’s latest Rental Report. The national median rental price for houses remained steady at $442 over the September 2018 quarter, while the median unit rental price fell by less than 0.5% to $461over the three months to September. Here’s how our capital cities’ rental markets performed over the last
Property Manager
As a landlord, you have a lot of different things to consider when taking on new tenants – including the type of tenancy agreement you want to offer. Essentially, there are two types of different tenancy agreements: fixed and periodic. If you’re relatively new to property, it can be confusing to know which one might

How to pick the right tenant

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You’ve finally bought your first investment property, and now you need to find someone who’s willing to move in, pay their rent on time, and take good care of the place. Or perhaps you’ve been a landlord for some time, but you much-loved perfect tenant has decided to move on, and you’ve no idea how
Property Manager
Buying your first property heralds the beginning of your investment journey, but it does not end with signing that contract and getting that property title. That home or apartment is not going to make money by itself, so for savvy investors, the natural next step is to rent it out and make a killing off
One of the main things that property investment naysayers get wrong is that landlords just want to someone to pay the most rent. That is not true at all. The smartest property investors want to attract – and keep – good tenants for the long-term. That’s because they understand that having a long-time tenant will
Property management can have its ups and downs because fundamentally it’s about managing humans, who we all know can be unpredictable! Professional property managers, though, have best practice policies and procedures to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Private landlords, and bad property managers, on the other hand often make mistakes that can
No one likes to think about insurance do they? Well…at least not till they need it and then they hope they are adequately covered. The problem is an alarming 80 per cent of property owners and tenants are underinsured according to  EBM |Rentcover. Now this doesn’t mean they are not insured. Data from the Insurance