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Property Manager
As a property investor, one of the toughest decisions you’ll face is choosing the right professionals to manage your property.  Their role is an important one. They’ll be in charge of advertising, conducting inspections, vetting potential tenants and organising maintenance — not to mention ensuring rent is paid in full and on time — so it’s vital

Strata Corps can’t stop Airbnb

Strata Can Not Stop Airbnb 1
Airbnb is one of the biggest sharing economy successful stories but not everyone is happy with its achievements. First up, there’s the various State Governments, which are missing out on council rates from residential properties operating — more or less — like businesses but not paying their way. When it comes to apartment blocks, other owners and
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So, you’ve finally secured the purchase of your first investment property, and decided to engage the services of a property manager to keep on top of it for you. Or perhaps you’ve built a solid little portfolio of a few properties that you’re finding it hard to juggle, so you need a property manager to
Property management team
“I can just collect the rent myself and save a ton of money.” It’s the catch-cry of many investors who are hoping to maximise their property’s overall profit – but there’s one thing I’ve learnt about property manager’s in my time in real estate. They do a lot more than collect rent They do that
Can you guess how many pets there are in Australia? Well, there are actually more pets than people! According to the RSPCA, there are more 25 million pets in our country. But here’s the thing: it’s estimated that more than half of rental properties have a no pets policy. So what do these statistics mean?

Tenant concerns a concern

key house
A report published recently aired many tenant grievances and seemed to indicate that most landlords are doing “the wrong thing”. The report received a lot of press coverage, but unfortunately that’s not surprisingly given there does seem to be a bias when it comes to the tenant/landlord relationship in the media. In fact, the media’s
property manager
It’s a universally acknowledged truth that you can’t have successful property investment without tenants paying you rent regularly. But too many investors don’t put enough thought into who is the best person to professionally manage their properties – and many even try to do it themselves. Successful property investors, however, understand that they need to
student accomm
When I recommend one or a group of students as tenants the immediate reaction of many landlords is often one of fear and trepidation.  These feelings are probably based on memories of their own years as a student – and all the things that happened back then – wild parties, large groups moving in and