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These days, finding a new rental property can seem like an extreme sport! Housing affordability issues mean many of us are renting for longer, driving up competition for the good rental properties that are available. So, when you find the perfect property in your dream location, how can you make sure your application stands out
Rent Or Buy 5
Owning a home is the dream of every working Australian. It is a cultural norm that has been ingrained in every Aussie right from a young age. But is becoming a homeowner that important? Surprisingly, it is not. Experts argue that renting a house would actually be a more attractive option than buying a house,
Manage Manager 2 2
Far too many novice investors falsely believe that their property managers are entirely responsible for their investment properties. They adopt a “set and forget” mindset and blindly hand over the care of their investment to someone who probably is overworked and underpaid! Savvy investors, on the other hand, understand that while they might hand over
Canabis Grower 4
You’ve probably seen scenes like it on a late-night police reality show. Officers storm into a property and uncover marijuana plants, hydroponic lighting set-ups and a cache of guns and cash. But what if you had to do a double-take when you realised that front door they just broke down belonged to your very own
Flat Owners To Pay For Disabled Access 4
A recent court case may mean flat owners will have to pay for older buildings to become compliant with the current disability legislation.   Let me explain further… Last year saw a ruling by the Supreme Court that blocks of flats now have to comply with standards set out by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and
It wasn’t so long ago that most landlords automatically said no when it came to allowing pets in their properties – but times they are a changing!   Part of the reason for that, thankfully, is common sense given that the majority of Aussies have a pet, which means most tenants have a furry friend
Andlord Rights
It’s one of the worst nightmares for landlords — a tenant who hasn’t paid rent for weeks and won’t vacate the property. Unfortunately a good tenant can quickly turn into a bad tenant. This can happen due to personal troubles, health issues, drugs, they lose their job or get divorced. But the problem is, as a
Property Manager
Are the fees property managers charge justifiable and deserved, or are there ways to cut back in this area of your portfolio? We flick through the figures to find out in this article For many with a portfolio of property in their possession, a property manager is a veritable lifesaver, tending to the day-to-day needs